First Post: An Exercise in Overcoming Perfectionism

So this is kind of a nothing post.

Actually, forget “kind of”. It is a nothing post.

I’ve written up a bunch of book reviews by hand when the child is napping, and managed to finish reading WordPress’s TOS, and at this point there’s nothing stopping me from launching this blog except for overanalyzing what review should go in the first post. (Well, that and general shyness and perfectionism.)

But if I sit on these reviews until I’ve had enough sleep to edit and polish them just right – well, I’m not forseeing any more sleep in my near future.

So this post is here to cut through that overanalyzing thing. The Perfect Symbolic Review for the First Post that will Set The Tone for the Entire Future of the Blog? Not happening.

Instead, we have a nothing post, and the tone is being set to “gosh darn it, this thing might not be perfect, but at least it’s done.”


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