I’m a mom married to a mama. So far when I refer to the Offspring, the word’s singular, though I hope that one of these years that will change. Most of my current reading material is board books. One of these years that will definitely change.

My younger siblings used to be able to get me to read full-length chapter books in one sitting, laryngitis be damned. So one of the things that I looked forward to about motherhood was a new captive audience. So far, the Offspring seems equally delighted to have a captive reading machine who is always up for another board book.

I started writing about these board books because I figure some of my opinions (and also general spoilers) could be useful to other parents looking for the right books for their families. Since some of us may read our board books more consecutive times than we will ever read anything else (except possibly the back of our cereal boxes), I reckon it’s nice to have a clue what we’re getting ourselves into before we click the Buy button.

Since some of my Opinions touch on race and stuff, I’ll state upfront that I’m a white, bi, gay-married, rural, agnostic ciswoman from a very white state in the USA. I’ve had the privilege of being ignorant on a lot of social-justice type issues, and while I am working to change that, please do bear in mind that I can’t guarantee this will be a safe space for everyone. I will do my best not to be hurtful, and I’ll try to be graceful about apologizing when I mess up and get called out.

Also, fair warning all commenters, my internet access is sporadic at best. I’m going to try starting out with heavy comment moderation and see how that goes – if we don’t get many trolls, I may eventually loosen up. But at least right now, it may take me a few days to approve your comments. I apologize for any stress or inconvenience that causes folks – I know it would drive me nuts if I was a commenter, but right now I think it’s the best option for this blog.

Happy reading.


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