Superhero Easy-readers for a Girl, Part Three: What I Eventually Bought

Here are parts One and Two

All in all, I was pretty happy with the books I finally selected, though I’ve had some second thoughts.  I’m particularly interested that all of the books I finally chose were titled for male superheroes with women in sidekick roles.  Now, I had a lot of legit reasons for that, like the recommended age-range of the titles in question.  But I also wonder how much was subconsciously influenced by an internalized bias towards “boy books”. Continue reading


Superhero Easy-readers for a Girl, Part Two: The Shortlist. Also, Batgirl!

Part One here.

Not far into my quest for superhero easy-readers with women, I looked at my burgeoning longlist and admited that I’d been lying to myself about my criteria. I didn’t want books where the women would be window-dressing while the guys went ahead with all the hero-ing.  And I wanted superwomen who did actual stuff within an actual story, rather than standing around flexing their grrrrrrrrl power muscles.  Aaaaand in the most randomly subjective consideration, I also didn’t want to completely hate the art. Continue reading

Superhero Easy-readers for a Girl, Part One: The Longlist

Last Christmas, I had a six-year-old girl on my extended-family shopping list who I don’t know very well. But I did know that she loves superheroes.

Great!  I thought. Superhero easy-readers! That’s an easy choice – I know I’ve seen those around. And as one of the representative geeky relatives, I will be supporting her interest in geeky things! (I have never been a superhero geek myself, mind you, but I think the concept of the shared world with shared characters and different continuities and stuff is awesome. In a different continuity, some version of my character is probably a superhero geek.)

But then I had to make it hard for myself by deciding I wanted to give her books with girls in them. Continue reading

“Mommy, Mama, and Me”, by Leslea Newman. Plus miscellaneous thoughts on being the “other mother”

So now that we’ve got the first post out of the way, on to the first review!

A book that has a very special place in our family is Mommy, Mama and Me, by Leslea Newman, illustrations by Carol Thompson.  Originally published 2009, I think by Tricycle Press?  So is now probably a Random Penguin book.  (I know, I know, Penguin Random.  But who names themselves Penguin Random when they could be Random Penguin?  C’mon, people.) Continue reading